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Thorin Oakshield
09-25-2005, 10:10 PM
Like a few of us, I've been into DS2 since it was for sale and by now I'm almost done with the entire campaign. Well, actually, it's for the second time I'm almost done, but since I screwed up the first time, it doesn't count. :(

In the past weeks I've noticed simularties with Sacred, as some differences. Some of the differences were actually improvements, other were less welcome.

Looking at the game, I noticed there are at least 2 sets for each class and at least 3 sets that aren't class specific.
So far I managed to get one set complete, the rest is all bits and pieces now.
As soon as I'm able to get all sets together, I'll post a thread with the complete stats from 2 setpieces to full set.

Here's what I came up so far:

Melee fighters:

Lorethal's Set:

This set is 8 pieces in total and is meant for a meleefighter to use a shield. However, you can use it as a DW set too, just missing the end bonus, but having a good weapon from another set of unique equiped might compensate that.

Night Shaddow set:

This is a 5 piece set, designed for a Dual Wielding Melee char. The extra Health steal (LL) the Dirk and the Sword give you and the one you gain as a bonus can keep you alive when needed.


Eternal Grace:

So far I've found just 2 pieces of this set, so there isn't much to tell right now. Anyone able to give me more info, please PM me.

Saviors Trail:

Another one I haven't found much off. But the extra bonus when having two pieces of armour equipped is nice. It increased "Dodge", meaning a higher chance of survival.


Up to now I haven't found much difference between the sets for the mages. Somehow it seems as Combat Mages and Nature Mages can use the same sets.

Thena's Serenity:

This one boosts some of your skills, give you a higher melee and range resistance and improves your magic a bit.
However, I haven't found enough pieces yet to see more details.

Silks of the Master:

Just like the Thena's Set, I haven't found much of this one yet. However, it looks like this one increases your health, spellrate and mana restoration; which makes it very suitable for combatmages, since they have the higher mana consuming spells.

Class-less sets:

Mysterious Set:

Up to now I've found one piece of this set. Can't tell what it does, but one of the stats is to find more magical items (sets?).

Nature's Vigilance:

This is basicly one of the first sets one can complete, since you almost immediately find a piece of it the moment you leave Eirulan.
However, its stats are terrible compared to the other sets.

Ghostly Visions:

I got two of the setpieces after talking to the ghosts as part of one of the side-quests.
One thing they do is increasing your magical find, among higher health and mana. These rings are quite well for a Mage.

Up to now I've found several unique weapons, but just three of them are part of a sub-quest.

The first one is the "Hak'u Ritual Dagger" and it's basicly a piece of junk.
However, even after completing the quest you need it for, don't sell it. When you're having a DW melee fighter in your party, you can use the same weapon two times to get the beast killed.

The second Unique you can use well is the "Staff Of Arinth".

This one too is part of a quest, but you gain it as a reward when completing it.
Since it gives a nice boost to combat magic, it's quite obvious for which char to use it.

The third Unique is the Mace of Argallus.

Again one you have to get after doing some quests, but it's certainly worth it.
This mace gives you a boost in damage, strength and adds a few additional damages too. With some luck you can add 50% more to your damage when equipping this weapon, compared to the two you had before.

Build Up of your Chars:

As already said in the tutorial, it's wise to stick as much to the class you've chosen from the start.
However, I've found it very usefull to make sure each char I play is having at least 1 skillpoint in Nature Magic.
This allows you to use a healing spell for your chars, making it a lot easier for you to survive fights.
The disadvantage is that you loose one skillpoint in the "profession" you choose, meaning your char is going to be a bit weaker. But in the end you won't notice much of that and the ability to heal your partymembers might save their lives.
Another disadvantage is that your partymembers might break off the fighting to restore the life of those who are close to death. This might endanger the entire group when encountering bosses who hate healing spells.

After setting the class you're going to play, base your party upon that.
You're able to pick up three party members in Eirulan from the start and two more after completing most of Act I & II.
However, I've found the best party is build of 1 Melee fighter (DW), 1 Ranged fighter (x-bow), 1 Combat Mage (fire / death magic) and 1 Nature Mage (Ice / Earth magic).
This combination gives you attack capabilities in all categories you encounter. And having a second magical spell at hand, avoids your mage is going to be useless when encountering a region he / she can't use his / her main spell.

Last thing I discovered in my second attempt to get the campaign done is that you don't need to use your party settings at all.
I've set mine at "Rampage" now, meaning my parytymembers will attack any enemy in sight.
This leaves my own Char free to assist them whenever is needed or; in case you encounter the Dragon; concentrate at fighting that bugger, while your party members try to clear the area around you.

A big advantage of this setting is noticed when encountering the Dragon in the Snowbrook Fortress.
BEcause your party is spread out, the dragon has to "shoot" his fireballs at several places.
He'll eventually kill your partymembers and probably make sure they remain dead too.
However, this works in your advantage.

After killing the Morden and the beasts, a new foe is showing up. These "crab-like" creatures are hunting you and almost make it impossible for you to attack the dragon.
Best tactic to use is to lure them into the direction of your slain party members. Because of that, the dragon kills his allies, giving you some time to bring the balista in position and fire it at the bugger.

And in order to survive the Dragon and its allies, keep running all the time.
Not just to avoid the fireballs the dragon fires at you, but also to avoid getting cornered by the "crabs".
Use the direction the fireballs come from to find out where the dragon is. Pause the game to look around if you don't see him immediately.
When you've done that, turn the balista to the dragon using the two levers at the bottom and fire the thing.
It takes 6 hits to kill the dragon.

However, keep in mind the dragon hunts at you too; one of the reason why you have to keep moving. Because of this the levers or the Balista are accidently hit too, making it impossible to use.
Just keep running around untill the red colour over the device is gone, then run to it (keep avoiding the "crabs" and fireballs), bring it into position and fire the thing.

And now, as said, the spoilers:

Up to now I've encountered two Side-quests that bugged me for some time. I managed to solve them, but they're hard to do when you don't know how to look.

The first one is the "Ghost-quest" given in Aman'lu.

To solve this one: use the teleporter to the Vai'kesh (south) portal.
Move to the east until you find a small clearing to the north.
Enter that clearing, move in the cave and kill all those in it. A lever reveals a second room behind that cave.
When entering it a bit, you'll watch the chant.
Return to Aman'lu, talk to your quest giver and you'll recieve your chant making it possible to talk to ghosts.

With this option you're able to talk to the several ghosts you encounter at your journey and you're able to solve the "Levreth-estate Murder" quest too.

The second one requires a bit of puzzling.
When doing the Heirloom Quest in the Azunite Desert, you encounter a statue asking you in which order four spirits visit him at night.
The clue to that riddle is the family motto, being "War follows in the footsteps of men and the abstinence of peace brings evil again".
The correct answer to the riddle is:

1) Elandir
2) Xeria the war goddess
3) Azunar
4) Zaramoth


09-26-2005, 11:29 AM
The second one requires a bit of puzzling.
When doing the Heirloom Quest in the Azunite Desert, you encounter a statue asking you in which order four spirits visit him at night.
The clue to that riddle is the family motto, being "War follows in the footsteps of men and the abstinence of peace brings evil again".
The correct answer to the riddle is:

1) Elandir
2) Xeria the war goddess
3) Azunar
4) Zaramoth

i havn't read all of your post as i want to find out myself :p (i'm allmost at the end of act1 now)
but to this part and the Blacksmith side quest, i have to say, make sure you're high lvl, aka lvl 20 atleast
at the blacksmith quest there some lvl 22 and 24 badies and at the heirloom quest there some lvl 24-28 badies, so watch your step :cool:

and i got one question: i want to do all the side quests in the game, but when i skip one side quest in act1, and i'm in act2 later, can i still go back to finish that side quest from act 1 ?

09-26-2005, 12:00 PM
You can go back to Act 1 areas whenever you want. There are actually a few side quests found in Act 2 where you have to go back to Act 1 areas.

Thorin Oakshield
09-26-2005, 08:04 PM
Up to now I've found that the "Leilani's Sorrow" side-quest is taking you all the way through act I, II & III! (oops, spoiling again. :o )
It is without doubt the longest side-quest of this game. :) But yet a lot of fun to do.

Right now I'm deep into act III and I'm approaching another large puzzle of this game again. Fortunately I've done it before and I learned of the mistake I made then.
Leaves me with one other large puzzle with some mirrors I still have to solve. Took me almost an hour before I finally gave up. :(
And for some reason I'm stuck with an item I can't find any use for. If anyone of you found something about a "grail like cup", please contact me in a PM. I think it's quest related thingy, just can't figure out what.

And another tip:

Keep the items of the "Leilani's sorrow" sub-quest in your backpack. You run into the item givers at the most strange places and going back to town to pick it up from the stash is a waste of time. Not to mention you often have to look for the bugger again. :s


PS Exi:

I hadn't added the (and spoilers) to the title to joke here. I did it to make sure those who won't get the solution to some puzzle's wouldn't get them. :p


09-27-2005, 04:09 AM
Well Done Thorin!

I posted the following Starting guide on the Planet Dungeon Siege Forum. Here's the link Planet Dungeon Siege forum (http://www.forumplanet.com/planetdungeonsiege/)

The Noobs Guide

The first time I attempted playing Dungeon Siege 2, I was terribly frustrated by my lack of knowledge about the game dynamics. You see, I never played Dungeon Siege, but jumped into DS2 right away, on the recommendation of a friend. So without some knowledge of the original game I was truly struggling.

In an attempt to prevent shattered monitors, thrown keyboards and a dislike of the game from the beginning, I’d like to share a few things I learned that really helped me get going. I do not profess to be an expert in the game, but these tips worked for me and I hope they work for you. This is for getting a four-member party in Single Player mode.

The Training Run - The troop transport you flew in on has some nice loot in a chest inside, go get it, you’re late anyway. It’ll help during the run.

Try not to distribute any points to your powers until you reach the prison. Then be very selective and specialize. Choose what you want your main character to specialize in – Melee, Nature Magic, Ranged or Combat Magic and focus there. Try to get at least one level in each of the basic skills to allow some flexibility (by using the corresponding weapons or spells), see #8 below. Balance your party; have a melee and ranged character, a combat mage, and a nature mage. Lothar the half-giant is a natural melee character, Deru is ranged, but could do OK as a Combat Mage and Taar is a Nature Mage.

There’s a very complete walk-through on Gamespot, if you’re so inclined.

Early Game Objectives
1. Recruit your first party member – doesn’t matter, pick either Deru or Lothar before you head out on the first quest to Deliver the Basket of Sharpening Stones.
2. Raise $500 Gold – to pay for your third party member. This will take a bit of time, don’t buy any thing at the shops until after you have raised the money to pick up the third and fourth party members.
3. Recruit the next party member – as soon as you get the $500 in gold.
4. Get the next $1,500 in gold – Needed to get the 4th party member (see the Innkeeper again). Pretty easy because you’ve been hitting every urn, barrel and chest and selling/transmuting all the extra gear.
5. Recruit the last party member – as soon as you get the next $1,500 in gold.

Early Game Strategies
1. Select the Survival Skill (Ranged) – to allow harvesting of health potions.
2. Select the Natural Bond Skill (Nature Magic) – to allow harvesting of mana potions. Deru comes with this, so you may wish to pick her first.
3. Harvest every potion bush you find –
4. Visit the Shrine – learn your first chant
5. Slay as many Bad Guys as you can – There are a few behind the Enchantment Shrine, go get them, but don’t enter caves just yet.
6. Place a Heal Spell in the Autocast slot. Best to get two of your party equipped with auto-heal in the early going.
7. Hit and Run – Probably the only way to last through the first quests without dying.
8. Use your Powers – on the mini-bosses when you encounter them and see #6 and #7.
9. Don’t Die – easier said than done, see #6 and #7.
10. Hit every barrel, urn and chest – for the gold
11. Pick up every drop – to sell or transmute (Nature Magic Spell, if you’re lucky enough to find one early on) for the gold
12. Explore the map – look for secret areas (watch where the 1st Boarbeast goes and then dies, follow him in – at a distance), chant pedestals (two across from the first portal you activate), Find the Traveler’s Sanctuary behind the first Incantation Shire, there’s some good stuff in there.
13. Watch your Gold accumulation – When it reaches above $500, recruit the third party member (go to the Innkeeper). The third member will be a couple of levels below you, so save the game, exit and reload. Now return to the shrine and go behind to slay the bad guys and enter the cave. This will allow your new party member to level up some, before returning to the Morden Towers Quest.
14. Explore the Town – Pick up as many of the secondary quests as you can:
a. The Armorer’s Apprentice – from Telinu at the Blacksmith Shop. If you’d like, you can pull a fast one and answer her question with response #3 to get a pretty darn good piece of armor.
b. Lumilla’s Salve – from Enchantress Lumilla at the Magic Shop. This one will take a while, but get the quest started now.
c. Lelani’s Sorrow – from Lelani on the Terrace of Pets, take the Teddy Bear to Fenella to get the Elven Ale, walk through her back door and to the falls. You’ll see the 1st Ghostly Spirit. Just past the GS you’ll find Tamari in a house (see d. below). When next at the Inn, talk with Soldier Jordhan upstairs, he’s part of this quest (later).
d. The Kithraya Hive – from Tamari at the Falls. When you exit her house you can lower the bridge by clicking on the lever.
e. Secrets of the Elven Shrine – from Leanne on the Terrace of Pets (second floor, around the outside and up the ramp).
f. The Dire Wolf – from the Pet Merchant Neda – then on to the Inn to talk with Rokhar at the Great Hall (you’ll have to wait until after completing the Morden Towers Quest though.)
g. Secrets of Xeria’s Temple – from the grizzled bar patron at the Inn.
15. Watch your Gold Accumulation – when you get to $1,500 gold visit the Innkeeper once again.
16. Do the Hak’u Quest – When you find the hidden entrance to the Hak’u Cave. Be careful these Hak’u are level 9, so make sure you’re ready, at least level 8 and try to pick them off one at a time. Return to the Infirmary to get some more goodies.
17. Finish the Morden Tower’s Quest – then return to the prison, see Taar in the Great Hall and take her into your party or pick a pet, if you want to at this stage. I’d wait a little on the pet decision for now.

By now you should be around level 8 or 9 with a four-member party, a few pieces of extra gold and ready to take on the plague cure and Secrets of the Elven Shrine at the Elven Shrine location.

Thorin Oakshield
09-27-2005, 11:23 AM
Holy crap Cele! :eek:

This is even better as what I had put up. A job well done, I'd say.
Tho I had to admit most of what you put up here had crossed my mind, but I skipped it because we're all experienced Sacred players and know how to act in a simular game. :o

In my previous post I wrote it's best to give your mages two kinds of magic spells to specialize in.
The reason for this is that you'll encounter foes having resistances in each element and some non-elemental magic too.
I've encountered a lot of problems in Act II, when I entered the Azunite desert with my combat mage (deleted), when that one was a fire mage in general. Same problem later showed up with my Natural Mage Partymember (Taar), when entering the Azunite Burial Ground.

Based upon these experiences, I decided to give Taar 2 kinds of magic to control now.
Her main spell is Ice blast; with the Ice Shards as power and Freeze as the auto-cast spell given to me by selecting some skills.
Her secondairy spell is "Ripple"; basicly a controlled earthquake. :p
I also found that using the "healing rain" spell is a lot more usefull to be used. This spell gives you a steady supply of life restoring magic, instead of a single boost. And as a result, the use of mana is less given the total health restoration.

The Combat Mage (Finala in my party) is having two spells too.
Major is Death Magic, and currently Life Leech. I use Infect to that as Auto-cast spell, since that one damages the foes from inside; which makes it a lot easier to finish them off.
The secundairy spell is Embers. This fires several balls instead of the single one, but does more damage too. And to support that, I choose Ignite as skill given power, while the fireball is there as power.
And believe me; using these two spells and your char ROCKS!!

For the ranged char I noticed the X-bow is a better weapon as a bow.
Tho it's slow, the damage is a lot higher with a single shot (doing 87-115 dmg now) and when using Range as skill you can increase the distance to your foes a lot.

And to conclude; another tip:

(warning Exi, stop reading from here! ;) )

When you enter the Mines of Khaderak, you'll notice red and black barrels.
The red barrels are loaded with gunpowder; as I noticed when I suddenly lost my char; so they can serve you well.
Try to lure some of your foes to the barrels, use a ranged (archer / mage) fighter to ignite the red barrels and you end up with less foes and some dropped items, since the two barrels are always put together. Just make sure your melee fighter isn't attacking them, or you loose him too.


09-27-2005, 04:29 PM
hhmmm after playing DS1 and Aranna and recruiting everyone n anyone i decided to see how far i get with fewer people. So far ima in act 3 and around level 38. I am so far using only 3 chars, Me Ranger Sanny, Lothar and Finala. Finala is a combat mage and she makes the game more interesting coz she was very weak and was hard work to keep alive. She has better armour n spells now and dosent fall so easy now. I find my troop of 3 is excellent and makes it just tough enough to enjoy.

I have found act 2 and 3 are much more enjoyable and not so linear, there are some great areas to venture thro, and there are a few quests i have failed to activate, and some you gotta read properly took me ages tro work out the Litiso the mage quest..... it was easy when i read the script properly :o

Will post more but gtg fer now.

Thanx for the write up guys.


09-27-2005, 06:45 PM
The correct answer to the riddle is:

1) Elandir
2) Xeria the war goddess
3) Azunar
4) Zaramoth
i should correct you on this one, the correct code is: 3,3,1,2 for me this was:
1) Azunar
2) Xeria the war goddess
3) Elandir
4) Zaramoth
i'm not sure if it's the code that you need to use or the names (maybe you were just mistaken ?) but i'm positive that the code works and i just wrote down the names and that was the order of the names :p

oh and a tip: if you want more badies to kill and more items, you should anwser the riddle wrong, this way the statue will spawn a few normal badies and one mini-boss, not difficult at all but nice to get some stuff out of ;)
this spawning will happen a few times when you anwser wrong but after awhile nothing will happen and the free killing/item party is over :rolleyes:

Thorin Oakshield
09-29-2005, 02:31 AM
First of all:

Cele was kind enough to post the solution to kill Valdis here. (http://forums.clan-da.com/showthread.php?p=15958#post15958) Carefull Exi; it contains spoilers. ;)

With the help of that, I was able to complete the end-game and am now working at the Veteran Level.

So here are my last tips:

1) When entering Zaramoth's Horns; open a town portal once in a while when you're in a large area.
Note: This won't work in the Dark Mage Chamber; probably because it's a magical area.

Opening Town Portals allow you to enter certain area's alot faster after your entire party has been killed, making it easier to get your lost items back.
The disadvantage is that you don't have to fight your way through, meaning you won't get as much XP. The choice is yours.

2) After killing the endboss, you're able to return to the town of Kalrathia. If any party member has been killed, you can use that opportunity to use a ressurect spell and bring him / her back. This'll make it possible for you to start the higher level with your full party.

3) Try to finish the "mercenary-level" at least being a level 40. You'll have a easier time when fighting Valdis, but the new foes also start at that level. I ended at lvl 44 for my entire party and am now cutting through my foes as a hot knife through butter. Or better said, my Ranger and Combat mage are. My melee fighter usually runs to the corpses. :(

4) The new game gives you a full explored map, but with the same restrictions as you started at the higher level.
However, because of that open map, you're able to set up a good strategy to play the game.
You also seem to start with all your items and chants in your logbook.
Yet, exploring the area is still a good idea. When talking to the Dryad at the first shrine and "opening" the two chant pedestals gave me a missing chant.

5) Choose your last party members wisely.
If I read the manual right, the last page shows the number of party members, hidden in some hot-keys.
And it says you only can have a total of 6 party members (slots F1-F6 to select them, slots 1-6 to select their powers).
IMHO a party should have two mages (combat & natural), one ranged fighter and one melee fighter.
The two remaining slots can be filled with either one of these, or you choose a pet to increase your party. Whatever you choose, you know the kind of resistances you're have to face now and picking one that's able to deal with all of those might be a good idea.


Thorin Oakshield
10-02-2005, 02:12 PM
I'm getting quite sure the maximum amount of party members in this game is 6.
You're able to recruit up to 3 partymembers, being it humanoid or animals; giving you a 4 crew party for the mercenairy level.

In Veteran level you're allowed to recruit 1 (one) party member, so it better be a good choice. Although you do have the luck you can kick someone out and replace him/her/it by another partymember. Just make sure you do this inside a city, so you can pick up that partymember later again when he's needed! Which is in several side-quests I discovered by now.

These side-quests can only be done when you have the person in your party:
Make sure you got the right party member selected when doing this quest. Using another party member to open a door or destroy something, breaks the quest!!!

Deru's Treasure:
Starting point: Aman'lu, near the north gate.

Finala's Content:
Startingpoint: The Lower Kithraya Caves.

Thoran's Revenge:
Starting point: Aman'lu. (This is the one where you have to proof his innocence)

Sartan's Innocence:
Starting point: Windstone Fortress.
After doing this quest, you're able to recruit him, or send him off to the tavern of Eirulan, where you can recruit him later.

Vix' :
Startingpoint: Outside Darthul. No data available yet. My guess it's got something to do with a hidden treasure, since you need to go underground for this one.

Startingpoint unknown. No data available yet. My Guess it has to do something with the mushroom circles.

If anyone has Vix or Amren in his / her party, please post the starting point of the quest and the name here.


10-02-2005, 05:03 PM
Sartan's Innocence:
Starting point: Windstone Fortress.
After doing this quest, you're able to recruit him, or send him off to the tavern of Eirulan, where you can recruit him later.

This is not the quest where you have to have Sartan in party since this quest is done before you can recruit him. Sartan's char quest is located Outside Dathrul. There is a armory there and when you try to open it you get a message that says you need Sartan in the party.

I never went back and collected him so I dont know anything more about this quest.

Another question. Does Eva have a sidequest as well??

10-02-2005, 07:43 PM
Indeed Evangeline has her own quest. Remember when you were chasing the Vai'kesh Prophet and those caves you couldn't enter in the in the Vai'kesh Forest and Arinth's Ravine - that's where they are. I haven't done them yet, but I hear it's pretty good.

10-02-2005, 11:34 PM
Ahh ok. I had almost forgotten those caves. Guess I will have to check em out next time I play through the game. I made the mistake of overwriting my merc game with my vet game.

10-09-2005, 09:56 PM
i should correct you on this one, the correct code is: 3,3,1,2 for me this was:
1) Azunar
2) Xeria the war goddess
3) Elandir
4) Zaramoth
i'm not sure if it's the code that you need to use or the names (maybe you were just mistaken ?) but i'm positive that the code works and i just wrote down the names and that was the order of the names :p

oh and a tip: if you want more badies to kill and more items, you should anwser the riddle wrong, this way the statue will spawn a few normal badies and one mini-boss, not difficult at all but nice to get some stuff out of ;)
this spawning will happen a few times when you anwser wrong but after awhile nothing will happen and the free killing/item party is over :rolleyes:

I can confirm this, right you are Exy. :) I'm not sure of how many times you get to answer wrong and have two baddies, one a boss, appear. I think it's about five, couldn't be sure as my niece was distracting me by playing with my hair at the time lol.

10-13-2005, 11:09 PM
How did everyone do in the Aman Lu arena in the pub cellar? i thought this was a lot of fun and got some good goodies too. I finished the quest of at lvl39 wasnt too bad with me three dudes:) i think i gained a whole level by completing the last level/quest. Deffo a neat part of the game for me :p

10-14-2005, 11:58 AM
I think I waited too long before I did the Arena quest. I did it after defeating Valdis and was level 43 or something. It was not a real big deal at that level. The goodies were pretty good and you get the necessary mysterious token for the mysterious quest. Now that's a fun quest...

10-14-2005, 06:45 PM
I think I waited too long before I did the Arena quest. I did it after defeating Valdis and was level 43 or something. It was not a real big deal at that level. The goodies were pretty good and you get the necessary mysterious token for the mysterious quest. Now that's a fun quest...

EH?? do ya DOH!! i betetr go check that out roflol :rolleyes:

11-01-2005, 09:01 AM
There seems to be a few doors that either you cant enter or cant find once you have the right quest...

First door i still cant enter is in Razkas Ruins! Is there a way of making it open?

Thorin Oakshield
11-01-2005, 11:31 AM
To enter those ruins you need to have Deru in your party. The Razka Ruins are part of the "Deru's Treasure Hunt" Quest.
This one starts in Aman'lu, where a prospector gives you a map that shows up in your logbook.


11-01-2005, 05:07 PM
aahhh i c thanx Thorin :p

Thorin Oakshield
11-01-2005, 10:57 PM
yw, Sanny.

And to give you a "do'h-moment":

I have mentioned this before in one of the DS-2 threats. :p


11-02-2005, 04:42 PM
DOH!! ok prolly didnt read to much into Deru and her quest as so far i havent used her as my char is a ranger... i promise to look more carefully next time ;)

Thorin Oakshield
12-20-2005, 05:51 AM
Well, I've been back to this game for a couple of days now and here are some more tips for those who want to survive it. That is; if anyone's still playing it. :confused:

I choose a Combat Mage this time for two reasons. First because I've never played anything like that before (except 3 lvls of a BM in SUW).
Second because I had the idea this one is having the most posibilities and is the most powerful char in this game.
And I was right! :D

My current CM is having two skills; Fire and Death magic.
Both are enough to deal with all foes you encounter all over Aranna. Even when your foe is having high resistance in the speciality you choose, you're still dealing enough damage to kill him. It just takes a bit longer.

As for the build-up; this is what I tried:

1) Choose fire dmg as major the moment you start. Firebolt is powerful enough to kill all you encounter in Northern and Western Greylinn Forrest.

2) There are a few Morden out there having fireresistance. Using Soul-Lance or another form of Deathmagic is enough to kill them too.

3) Use the remaining two slots for an (1-time) ressurect-scroll and a Town Portal.
First one can be usefull when one of your party-members got killed; second to have quick access to the town and back to the area you had to leave from. At least it saves you lots of running back and forth to a portal.

4) Divide your skill points over the needed skills. As soon as you're able to level up, do the same at the next level. What's left after making all equal, is divided over all skills again.
By doing so, you balance the powers of your char, tho the downside is that you can underpower some of your combat arts.

4) Use the Uniques you find for your own benefit.
A mage won't encounter the problem that soon, but for a ranged char, having two of more bows available to change the additional damage is a blessing.
Some of the best staffs I found are Uniques, with the one from the Vai'kesh-leader being the best.

5) Keep some of the summoned creatures in the spare spell slots you have in your spell book.
Once in a while you will encounter foes with other resistances.
The summoned creatures use fire, ice or death magic. Changing them when needed is giving you a big advantage.
Of course, the place in the spell book this creature is casted from is the "auto-cast slot".

6) Another spell you have to put in the "auto-cast slot" are the curses.
Depending at what you have chosen as "main" weapon, you also have to choose your curse.
"Dehydrate" works wonderful with a fire-mage, blinding your foes give you the advantage they won't hit you (as hard), while "drowning" makes them more vunerable when you have a nature mage with Ice-magic in your party.

7) Don't focus too much at sets.
Set pieces give nice bonusses, but eventually normal or unique pieces give better bonusses. One thing you have to look at is the mana-generation of your items.
Even if you have to enchant it; a spellbook giving high mana generation is a must. In combination with the chosen skill, this one is even better. :)

That's it for now.
As soon as I come up with more, I'll post it.


Blond Moments
01-19-2006, 12:29 AM
I've played DS2 all the way through on mercenary, and I was a little dissapointed at the ending. I don't really like games that leave you hanging, but I enjoyed it and now can't wait for dad and I to finish it on the second lvl... AND for the expansion.

Oh by the way, the lich's tooth set is super good for a fire mage/death mage, and later on a lightning mage, since you can walk all the paths... eventually, which is what I'm doing, but the defence stinks lol. I wonder if it is because mages are supposed to kill baddies before they get near 'em. Dad always says that it is because I'm running around in a bathrobe all the time. And it kinda looks like I am. I can't even remember my lvl now. I think I'm in the mid 70's. Not sure. Anyway, I only play on local network with dad, so don't expect to see me around online lol.

Thorin Oakshield
02-24-2006, 12:42 AM
After finishing Merc-lvl for the n-th time :D, here are some more tips and hints to complete the game:

First of all, stick to the party you have chosen. In my previous games I often replaced Taar the moment I entered the Azunite Burial Grounds, thinking her Ice-dmg was worth squat there. tbh, it is, but I have overlooked a few things and that made her a far more important party-member as I thought of in the beginning.

Nature mages can do five things in this game.
1) they can do some dmg with Ice or Earth Magic;
2) they can heal your party members, thus reducing the needs to swallow potions all the time and because you hardly need potions, clear up the room in your inventory. Just make sure you have the healing spell set in the "auto-cast" part of your spellbook.
3) They can resurect killed party members, thus saving you lots of gold when using that undertaker-dude in town or time because you have to fight all your way back to where you got killed.
4) They can cast spells upon you, increasing your health or chances to inflict critical strikes, protecting you from curses and giving you LL.
5) When upgraded to the last skill, they have the ability to freeze opponents, making it easier for you to dmg them with your other party members.

It was the last two things I hadn't realized before and what made a nature mage so important in a party; even when her atacking spell is useless.

When a Nature Mage cast "Wrath of Ice" upon you, you get some aditional bonuses you didn't realize you had.
Not only have you added some Ice-dmg to your weapons, but it also makes it possible to freeze your opponents. And as mentioned above, that's quite useful. :D Unless of course you want to keep running around, trying to hit that Hak'u hunter that keeps moving away from you all the time.

Other useful spells are Wrath of the Bear, Life Embrace (giving you LL) and Earthen Embrace (Increasing Health points).

As said in one of my previous posts, try to get a fighter in one of the 3 classes as soon as possible. However, leave the other recruits for what they are for the time being.
I noticed when you begin recruiting them after you killed Valdis to get all the quests done, all recruits were at the same level as I was!
And that saved me lots of time to upgrade them to a suitable level before I could do their quests.

The game offers you 8 additional party members, besides the pets. Two of those have posibilities in two classes, the other 6 stick to their class. If you look for an upgrade of your party when entering Veteran Level, make sure you have upgraded those you left in the Inn to the right class.

Melee: Eva and Sartan
Ranged: Amren and Vix
Nature Magic: Taar
Combat Magic: Finala
These six have one specialty you can devellop further.

Melee / Combat Magic: Lothar
Ranged / Nature Magic: Deru

Personally I prefer to have Lothar as a melee fighter around, even when having a melee-fighter as char. The extra strength-points Half-Giants have, make him just a better toon for close combat.
For the same reason I use Ranged for Deru. I noticed she is a somewhat weaker mage as Taar; prolly because she has wasted one skillpoint in ranged.

Using these 4 party members you can recruit in Eirulan, most party compositions would look like this:
Melee and Combat Magic: Lothar (melee), Deru (Ranged), Taar (Nature Magic).
Ranged:Lothar (Melee or Combat Magic), Taar (Nature Magic) and Finala (Combat Magic) or Sartan (Melee); the last two depending the class you choose for Lothar.
Nature Magic: Deru (ranged), Lothar (Melee), Taar (Nature Magic), with Taar replaced by Finala (Combat Magic) when the prism in Aman'lu is activated.

But of course, it's up to you what party-composition you choose. :p

Leaves me with the startingpoints of the aditional party-member sidequests.
Amren: Doesn't matter where you start the quest. Each mushroom circle in the Southern Greylin Jungle, Garden of the Ancients, Southern Vai'kesh forest (?) and Northern Kaderak Desert will do.
Deru: In Aman'lu
Eva: The wounded man near the portal in the Vai'kesh forest. This same man gives you some updates about the main-quest
Finala: In the last part of the Lower Kithraia Cavern's
Lothar: In Aman'lu
Sartan:1) In Windstone Fortress to get him out of that pit. If you don't do that quest, the personal quest won't be activated.
2) In the Kalrathia inn.
Taar: In Eirulan
Vix: That's the only one I haven't figured out yet. But I will in time. :D
However, I do know there's an area only Vix can access in the Kalrathian or Kaderak desert. So I asume the startingpoint is somewhere in that region too.

Have fun!


05-11-2006, 07:39 AM
Due to the lack of posts the Dungeon Siege 2 forum has been deleted and all posts and threads of interest to DS2 player have been moved into this forum.

Thorin Oakshield
12-31-2007, 01:57 AM
This update is purely written with the add-on in mind, so forgive me if I made some mistakes which don't apply to the orriginal version.

The add-on has made some major changes to the game play.

First of all there's a change in the spellbook.
Instead of having 2 auto-spell slots and 4 spare slots, you now have the ability to use 4 auto-spells. But that also meant you lost 2 spare slots.

However, the advantages of having 4 autospells are huge.
First of all, with the two new classes you can assign one slot to one of the class specific spells.
A second slot can be used to summon a "pet", while the third can be used to cast a curse.
The last slot can be used for whatever you want, just keep in mind you can only use one spell of a certain kind at the time.

For mages things changed as well. With four slots you're now able to cast a summoned pet and to have several curses at your disposal.
However, the game selects the curses random, so often you might not get what you want. Therefore it's advisable the one having the best effect at you to be placed on top.

For the Nature Mage the extra spellslots are a big improvement. Like a combat mage, you have now one slot for a summon, a 2nd slot for a healing spell and two slots for party improvements, such as Spirit embrace - prevents being cursed, Wrath of Ice and several others I mentioned somewhere before.

Another improvement of the game are better and stronger bosses. These are perhaps harder to kill, but the drops are often worth it. Not to mention the satisfaction. :D
One of the other improvements of bosses is that they're often able to cast curses upon you and your party. Some curses are just anoying - like Blindness; others are very irritating. Fortunately the already mentioned Spirit Embrace helps you with dealing with that.

The last improvement of the add-on are "Recipes".
These can be found all over the game area and offer you some information about special enchanted items.
Instead of having the sum of the enchantments you add to a weapon, spellbook or piece of armor, the Recipes offer you a lot more. One might say they add a bit of extra flavour to the enchanted item, sometimes creating a far more powerful item as there is available in the game.
It's the closest thing to slotting some special rings or runes into a Unique in Sacred. But it certainly is worth the effort.

When looking to the party set-up, I don't think much has changed. It's still a good idea to get the four various classes in a party as soon as possible.
Which means Deru - ranged / nature mage -, Lothar - melee / combat mage - and Taar - nature mage - are often the first characters added, with Finala - combat mage -, Sartan - melee - or Vix - ranged - / Amren - ranged - as good options if one of the first three characters didn't suit your set up.
I also still believe that sticking to your party all over the game is the best thing to do, with the character specific side quests to be done at the end of the game. At least this helps you avoid weaker party members later on, when things are getting really tough.

One final thing I want to add here is the location of Vix' personal quest.
The starting point of that lies in the lower Mines of Kaderak. It's an interesting one to do, although his comment are somewhat anoying over time.
So are Deru's, I have to admit.

Fortunately the comments of the two new characters are a lot better.

Thorin :)