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Old 10-26-2008, 10:49 AM
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Post Your Sacred 2 Character Builds Here

S2 Builds sub-forum?

Working on a Dryad ghost build I would like to post somewhere to get feedback

As requested by Taiko, a thread to post your S2 character builds. Include as much or little information you want.
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Old 10-26-2008, 11:44 AM
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Telåßims Astral Lord SW build:

The idea behind this build is fairly simple and uses 4 main CA's mainly.

Spectral hand is a ranged CA, its damage is based on your wep damage + some from the CA itself its sort of like a ranged version of Hard Hit. So to pump out as much damage as possible Pick up the heftiest 2-H wep you can find and try get your regen time to about 1 sec.. or as low as you can. For lower regen I have this CA at lvl one untill I get regen to about 1s.... At lvl 19 this is putting out 300-400 damage per hit with a 2.8s regen.

Next CA is Skeletal fortification, put as many CA's into this as you can, you are only going to use it on major mobs and you want it to wipe them all really fast..... Im not sure what lvl my CA is but at char lvl 19 It is putting out 300 dmg per arrow and it fires at 1.2 arrows per sec.... Mojor mob clearing... trust me

Then you will need some points into Nether aliegence so that you can just sit back while your army tanks for you and you can enjoy the carnage, dont put too many points in as this will slow the regen of your Spectral hand down.

The 2nd buff can be either of your choice it dosnt really matter both are useful if anything makes it up close and personal.

Now that your set your spectral hand should kill most single monsters in 1 hit... or come really close to it so you can just run through mobs popping em off as you go then once you have a decent sized group after you drop a Skeletal Fort and keep casting Spectral Hand and dont forget if anything does make it close to you you have a massive 2-H wep in your hands

Good luck

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Old 10-27-2008, 01:10 PM
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Arrow Ghost Build

Ghost Build


Dryad Ghost Build.

Theory Build (still under construction)

Attribute Points:

1. Vitality (most important)
2. Dexerity (important)


1. Enhanced Perception (feed every couple of levels)
2. Tactics Lore (Max)
3. Ranged Weapons (Max)
4. Concentration (for 2 buffs no points)
5. Speed Lore (feed every couple of levels)
6. Capricious Hunter Focus (when needed to cut down regen time)
7. Spell Resistance (5 points)
8. Armour Lore (when needed)
9. Nature Weaver Focus (when needed)
10. Nature Weaver Lore


1. Ravaged Impact: Perforate/Breach/Double Shot
2. Forest Flight: Roots/ Expert/Escape
3. Sinister Predator (Buff): Eagle Eye/ Marked Shot/Unflinching
4. Viperish Disease: don't be fooled by the tooltip this is one hell of a damage spike spell if used correctly (for mobs)
5. Tangled Vines: Sprawl/Impair/Intent
6. Ancient Bark (Buff): Rugged/Repel/Invigorate
7. Goldenglade Touch: (For Bosses)

Weapon and Mod:

Blowpipe is the best weapon for range/rate of fire/accuracy from the testing I have done. Good blowpipe drops can be found on the Coast in Act 1 and In the Hills in Act 3.

Opponent Level For Death Blow %: while LL is popular, it is a counter intuitive mod for a ghost which aims to kill or escape and not be hit. Deathblow is the perfect spike mod eg: my lvl 23 blowpipe with 26% Deathblow will ave. 120-170 a hit and spike at 250-450! I'm at lvl 36 and have Deathblow at 46%, damage spikes now range from 650-1150! Very good against bosses/champions once their health corresponds to the %.

Armour Mods, Rings and Pendants:

This is a very important aspect of the Ghost build. What you are primarily looking for is:

1. +% visibility range (most important)
2. +% chance to envade (most important)
3. +% speed (most important)
4. +% critical hit (most important)
5. +% damage or attack (physical) (important)
5. +% block chance projectile/spell/melee (important)
6. -% opponent evade (important)
7. +% chance to find valuables

These mods are more important than your base armour rating! Do not sacrifice these mods for a better armour base rating! For example: my lvl 25 has a + 36% visibility range and a + 31% evade. I still have a lvl 2 helm, lvl 8 shoulders and lvl 15 skirt which give me the bulk of those points (EP does work). With the evade stat I can literally stand against 2-4 white creeps and they will not hit me, however it will need to be higher for champions. With the visibility I can kill a mob of 3-4 white creeps before they come anywhere near me, or one champion. Even at this low level I am literally a ghost to the AI for white creeps. Champions and Bosses you need to be a lot more careful and use your CA skills to get the right effect.

When deciding on upgrades be vary wary of armour that has -% speed. If you find a piece of armour that has dropped and has all the right mods, but a high -% speed, put it in storage. As you increase your level the armour's -% speed will decrease to 0.00.

Orbs: This is an important aspect of a ghost's gameplan. Do not mix your orbs. Make sure to have a set of each in all four slots. Take note of what kind of weapon and creep you are hunting. If they have swords which glow green (poison), have your green orbs at the top. If they have flames swap over to the red orbs. Match the orbs to the elemental damage the creeps are using. Take the time to study the prey you are hunting. Only use orbs with + enhanced perception. Orbs are the only thing I buy from merchants. So check regularly and upgrade them to higher levels. A Ghost build uses everyting to its maximum potential. The sum is greater than the parts! So get to know your orbs and use then for full defensive effect.

Shrunken Heads: As with orbs, always match the shrunken head to the mob you are hunting. For example: Act 1 Elven heads, Act 2 Human heads, Act 3 Ork heads etc. Make sure to constantly upgrade your heads with your levels. Wear the heads that give you the + defensive vales.

Forest Flight: this is a hard CA to get used to and master effectively. I would highly recommend practicing in easy areas first to work out what it can and can't do. I suggest not jumping too far away from the mob, as it takes time to reorient and start killing them again. Timing is everything with FF, make sure to wait until they are on top of you so that they become rooted when you jump. This has to be one of the best CA in the game (I'm biased :P). With practice you can jump from bridges to lower ground or vice versa. However, make sure that where you jump to is clear of rocks/trees or it may not work. FF is good for bosses and champion mobs. While I call it the panic skill, you must keep your senses when using it, as a missproper jump could kill you. Never EVER jump forward unless you have cleared the area first. Always try to jump to a side which is clear or backwards. I'm still testing the limits of the skill so I'll report back.

Boss Farming: The build is very effeicent at Boss farming. However, you may want to work on collecting a specific boss farming set of armour and mods to make the build even more responsive. For the purposes of Boss farming build an armour/mod/weapons set that maxes out your +% evade (I'm at 50%) and your +% deathblow (I'm at 58%). Deathblow really shines for boss farming. The higher you have it, I have three Wraith Rings and a Pendant, the quicker you will see the damage spikes hitting the +1000 level. I'm also starting to experiment with different CAs. With Forest Flight on a low cooldown, Tangled Vines can become redundant, so I am experimenting with Acute Mind for more defence buff, and Black Curse for more of an offensive buff. Will report back to see if there is any real difference.

The first boss Gar'Colussus (I think thats its name) is the most easiest for this build. To begin dont' cast any CAs and just shoot at him until he starts throwing the single rocks. Dodge the rock and them shoot it. Once you have destroyed a couple of rocks, then focus on him with your CA cycle. It should take you around 1-2 minutes to kill him depending on your +% mod levels and weapon damage.

The ghost build has been around for quite some time. I first came across it in D2, and since have worked on it via HG:L. It is a build specifically for ranged class characters. Amazons in D2, and Cabalists in HG:L. I'm going more with the cabalist ghost build, developed by Virus over at HG:L, for S2, because it was based around the blink skill which is very similar to forest flight. Virus was a good teacher and helped me to better interpret stats in order to make an effective ghost build. So big thks to Virus, I hope I can carry on the tradition into S2.

Ghost builds require a certain playstyle. You need to be very patient and have excellent environmental awareness in order to be a successful ghost. If you love to charge headfirst into mobs hit a AOE and wish for the best then this build is not for you. If you like a more tactical approach to your game then you might like this one. There is nothing more statisfying then taking out a whole mob without getting any aggro, or fighting a boss who can't land a hit

As the name of the build surggests, ghost builds revolve around 4 core skills

1. Range
2. Damage Spike
3. Speed
4. Evade

Put simply, in theory if you do the build right you should be able to kill a mob just as quick as a AOE nuker, but without aggroing anything (range, damage spikes). And just as importantly, if you do aggro, you will be able to escape without getting a hit (speed, evade). This is the hard part of the ghost build. It works best when the player focuses on not being hit by anything at all. This is where patients and situational awareness comes in, especially in learning how to use forest flight. If you haven't used a ghost build before start off with bronze, as you get more confident go to silver and then to HC.

I'll keep crunching the numbers and continue to edit the S2 Dryad ghost build. I'm looking forward to feedback as I've never played HC before so it should be interesting to see if the build carrys over. But I'm confident it willl perform well considering Virus was one of the first to get a lvl 50 in HG:L HC mode with his Cabalist Ghost Build.

To be continued...

Good Hunting

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Old 10-27-2008, 03:17 PM
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By "Ghost" build you mean more assassin style right? You don't actually mean the animate dead CA that the Dryad has right?

You just caught my attention because all I can think about right now is builds since my game hasn't come yet but hopefully later this week...

Can't wait to get my builds up here,

Send a message via AIM to StiCk_eM
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Old 10-27-2008, 10:40 PM
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Yep, long range sniper, so assassin style. The animate CA dosen't work because it runs around aggroing everything and then runs back to you oh and thks for the sub-forum Dags

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Old 10-28-2008, 08:02 AM
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A tank TG, posted here.

Devout Guardian Focus (maxxed)
Tactics Lore (maxxed)
Armour Lore (damage reduction)
Concentration (to allow me to use 2 buffs)
Toughness (% damage reduction)
Combat Reflexes (% chance to evade & not be hit by weapon-based crits)

I intend to take the following other skills:
Speed Lore (+attack & defence, will both be boosted by Battle Aura)
Constitution (health & health regen, though the regen bonus doesn't appear to affect Battle Aura regen, probably a good thing, since it'd be sickeningly powerful combination if it did)

Not sure what to go for for the final two skills, possible any of: Blacksmithing, Source Warden Focus (so I can get more % chance stun from Untouchable Force), Warding Energy (more useful early game, as the shield only gives an absolute damage mitigation, not the % mitigation that Toughness gives), Sword Lore.

Battle Aura (with the Defence, Healing & Permanent mods)
Battle Extension (probably with the two Double Attack mods & Impairment, to reduce the target's Evasion)
Dedicated Blow (with Transformation to increase the damage conversion, confident to increase chance to hit & Enforcement, increased damage)
Deathly Spears (Knockback, probably Occult for a change & Jab, +1 attack)
T-energy Shroud (for a while, with the Power, Recharge & Power mods, I'm also using the Wheel that gives a bonus to shield recharge)

Later on:
Untouchable Force (Mind Control, Calm for enemy attack speed reduction & Crumble to reduce the number of ranged attacks that hit)
Firey Ember/Icy Evanescence (not sure on the mods)

He's lvl 19 thus far & kills most things with 1-2 swings, champions take 2-4 & the GarCollossus goes down fairly easily as well (though I do have to run away before my shield get's depleted, 'cause I can't be arsed to recast it). Though I am using T-energy Shroud, that's probably only temporary, as the damage reduction is minimal & it's an absolute reduction, so will be less efficient later on.

I'm also wearing several items that give a bonus to Evasion, so I've got a total of ~32.5% Evasion from items (though it appears that the "real" Evasion chance is "only" ~24%, from items), plus whatever Combat Reflexes is giving me, and as much Block x as possible (if they can't hit me, I won't take damage). Currently he's got ~95%-100% chance to hit the average goblin (~80%+ for champions) & they only have ~25%-35% chance to hit me. Will kill the GarCollossus & see what the various to-hit chances are for that.

Edit: A lvl 21 GarCollossus has a 48% chance to hit me & I have a 43% chance to hit it.
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Old 10-30-2008, 05:07 PM
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The GarColossus was a nightmare with my Temple Guardian due to the Source Wardern focus. Took me about 12 minutes to defeat him by slowly tearing down his shield with Charged Grid and Icy Evanessence. If it hadn't been for my God spell, it would have taken much, much longer.

After that, I decided to pick up Sword Lore and will get Tactics Lore and Devout Guardian Later. As to the last skill, I'll either pick up Concentration or Constitution. Still on the fence about that one. Anyways, now my character has a lot more punch to his attacks. The Battle Extension, while not that great for its special attack, is fantastic for the 100% passive damage boost to normal attacks.

Here's what I have (including modifiers):

MechaCochran v.2 - Level 30, Silver, Hardcore

Strength - 143
Stamina - 125
Vitality - 114
Dexterity - 121
Intelligence - 141
Willpower - 120

Enhanced Perception - 15
Armor Lore - 22
Source Warden Lore - 22
Bargaining - 23
Source Warden Focus - 22
Warding Energy Lore - 18
Sword Weapons - 18

Primary CAs-
Battle Extension - 6
T-Shroud - 10
Icy Evanessence - 14 Maxed
Charged Grid - 14 Maxed

Needless to say, my character is awesome at killing mobs but needs work when it comes to boss killing. Thankfully the Warding Energy Lore gives my shield quite a boost to energy and damage absorption, so at least I can take a few hits before being killed.

To give you a better idea:

If the image is too large, let me know.

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Old 11-01-2008, 07:22 PM
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These are great descriptions - but - could you please post a snapshot like OmegaDestroyer did. I'm having a difficult time visualizing the Astral Lord build which is what I'm working on in HC/MP. It also shows the Orbs, etc.
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Old 11-02-2008, 02:38 AM
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Level 38 SP HE

gear ain't great, the lack of bargaining seems to make a big difference in what you can get. But I'm tearing things up just fine so I don't mind.

page 2 of bonuses:


Level 14 HC SP Dryad

just starting out, never tried dryad before. This time I'm gonna go *all* general skills, just for the heck of it. So only one more non-general allowed for me, then all the rest will be general. Should be a nice challenge. Also - no skills from the defensive category allowed.

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Old 11-03-2008, 06:23 PM
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Updated MechaCochran v.2. The Sword Weapons and Devout Guardian skills have made my life a lot easier. That and the +11 All Skills doesn't hurt either. The T-Shroud ability is a life-saver. Combined with Warding Energy Lore, I have a shield with over 1,600 energy that mitigates 21 points of damage.

Wish I had a better picture but I don't feel like upgrading Photobucket or switching to ImageShack.

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